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Frantoio Di Paolo

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The Di Paolo family have been making Extra virgin olive oil for generations from father to son father to son . Di Paolo Franco is the latest to take up the production of this stunning Extra virgin olive oil . Olio Contadino is from Abruzzo the olives are hand picked and processed on the same day. Then bottled there is no ( preservatives additives or colourants ) used in the production of this stunning Extra virgin olive oil. The oil is produced in  a small fishing village called Marina DE San Vito, the Di Paolo family are well known in the area and supply local restaurants and businesses.

Many people think that "Cold" extraction means by traditional system and "warm" extraction by cotinuous system, but this is wrong way of thinking.

First of all because the  olive paste, to be worked must have a minimum temperature of 27 degreese C, so indipedentiy from the extractional  way, we have to reach that temperature.

 In the traditional oil press  that accuros in a way that all deceive, throught the friction in the grind phase, the squeezing and the high pressure during the pressing.

In the continiouse system ,the paste warming occours in the squezing.  We can decide by ourselves the water temp, we work the paste at 27,28 degrees, we guarantee this by having constant temp sensors inserted in the squeezing basins.

What are the advantages of  the hight temperature working ? 

THere are only economic advantages ,in fact the temprature >of 35 degrees has a drastic loss of the most important characteristics .

We as small private producers of Extra virgin olive oil we prefer quality  rather than quantity!

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