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The House Pastificio Attilio Mastromauro has its production and its Head Office in Corato, in the Apulian region situated in the heart of Mezzogiorno (in the South of Italy), which is known as the cradle of pasta. It is next to Capitanata area, the best harvesting of wheat in Europe . Founded in 1967, the house has experienced a steady and fast development which make it be one of the most competitive producers of pasta in Italy



The company Pastificio Attlio Mastromauro still maintains a strict link to the Mediterranean pasta-manufacturing tradition. Its founder, Mr. Attilio Mastromauro is descended from an ancient pasta manufacturing family, which has been excelling in this field since the beginning of the 20th. century, handing on from generation to generation the production know-how, which characterizes the natural high-quality products. Mastromauro family guards jealously ancestral secrets that date back to the Mediterranean culinary art. This link with the tradition represents Attilio Mastromauro''s company boast as it allows them to offer their faithful Clients a product featured by the taste of the high-quality pasta, made from durum wheat semolina. Granoro pasta is the result of passion and devotion as premises to pursue successful results and confirm the position in the leadership on the national market. The use of the most up-dated techniques, the thorough choice of the raw products and the production methods make it possible to get products of unmatched quality, with the taste and the flavour typical of durum wheat. Furthermore, the Customer Service and Assistance contribute to the success of the House Granoro.

The factory estate stretches for a total area of 40.000 sm., of which 25.000 sm are covered. 10 continuous cycle production lines manufacture 400 tons of pasta per day in more than 130 different shapes. The production process is technologically advanced in order to ensure a careful and steady monitoring of the quality during all the production phases from pasta processing to packaging. Fully computerized equipment ensures packaging and stocking, which is carried out by the use of one of the most up-dated pallettization systems in Europe


Granoro shapes are constant quality products guaranteed on the highest level. It is the result of meticulous controls following all the production phases: from the analysis of the raw products - strictly extracted from the core of durum wheat kernel - to the completion of the tests carried out in the inner laboratories as well as the cooking tests. Granoro pasta is featured by its typical flavour, the right thickness, the bright yellow colour, the delicate taste and elasticity aftek cooking, necessary to achieve the exact cooking point "al dente". These are the characteristics, which distinguish a valuable product obtained thanks to the careful selection of the durum wheat semolina, the meticulous checks during all the production phases and moreover, the particular processing methods perfectly improved by the Mastromauro''s.

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